MineCrisis is a 3D action game. The player controls a spaceship; the aim of the game is to reach all the checkpoints of the map within the remaining time, preventing the spaceship from being destroyed by the mines and the shots of the automatic turrets.



Screencast demo

News / Changelog

2013-04-20 Added a Makefile for easier builds under Linux.
2011-06-03 Version 0.921 beta relased: removed distribution integrity check, that was causing errors in OSX precompiled package.
2011-05-30 Version 0.92 beta relased: fixed distribution integrity check, that was causing errors in pre-compiled packages.
No longer making pre-compiled packages for Linux (source available).
2011-05-23 Released the source under GPLv3 license. EULA license discarded.
Feel free to improve the game editing the code, but please respect GPLv3 license publishing your code.
2010-10-17 Released Mac OS X build
2010-10-16 Version 0.91 beta released: fixed some minor issues,
added more info in the README, published builds for Linux
2010-10-14 Version 0.9 beta released


How to play

Please see the README file included in any download package.


Released under GPLv3 license.


Current version is 0.921 beta.

Download for Windows XP/Vista/7
Download for Mac OS X (Intel, version 10.5 or better)

Linux: Compile the game from the source (see below).

Note: please don't hotlink the download pages, link this page instead.


The source is available in a git repository: https://github.com/giacomodrago/minecrisis/


Please contact me for comments, feature requests or bug reports at giacomo@giacomodrago.com